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Are you looking for someone to develop your mobile app

Instead of jumping straight into building... let us create a clickable prototype for you free of charge. It will include:

  • Every screen of the app
  • Demo content
  • Basic user flows

Simply click the button below, fill out the form and we will get in touch within 48 hours.

We needed a new design and function in our app... Thomas and the guys at BlackHorne were able to understand what we needed and got it done in our 30 day budgeted time. Thanks guys!

Thomas and his team suggested a lot of solutions to make our platform more sustainable, future-proof and maintainable. In critical project phases they were up to the task, stayed cool-headed and showed above average quality work.

We already worked with

Jack Wolfskin
Davids Tea
Depot Online
Raiden Network
Mountain Hardwear
Clean, Maintainable Code

Ever got a feature implemented and just wanted to turn it off a couple weeks later? Your business needs should remain flexible.

We have you covered by keeping your code flexible and and extendable. We write features so that they can be turned off and extended in the future, depending on your needs.

Fully Integrated

Ever gave something to an agency and they came back with a solution 2-3 months later that was completely different from what you wanted?

We don't do that, we keep you in the loop. You and your team are fully integrated in the creative process. Our combined efforts will result in the best possible solution.

We Speak Your Language

We don't have project managers that talk theoretical nonsense. Every project manager at Blackhorne is an engineer or designer.

We want to get work done, know what we're talking about and we're fully dedicated and responsible for the project.

We build for

iOS Development
Android Development

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Simply sign up below and we will reach out within 48 hours to schedule a call about your mobile app project.

After the call, we will create for you a clickable prototype completely free of charge. It will include:

  • Every screen of the app
  • Demo content
  • Basic user flows

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